Hello from Nike and Levi!!


Boxer Pal
IMG_4278.JPG IMG_9224.JPG IMG_9259.JPG IMG_6324.JPG IMG_7722.JPG IMG_9226.JPG Hello everyone! Years ago when I purchased my very first boxer, I had many many questions and relied on this website and everyone's advice, stories and questions to guide me. I would post frequently and enjoyed everyone's photos as well. Unfortunately I cannot remember my login or password so I'm using this account which I made a year ago or so because I once again needed advice. Well after sending my youngest child off to college, I once again find the time to surf the internet to pass time, and find myself here. So I'd like to say hello to everyone and introduce Levi (fawn) Nike (brindle) both males. Nike is 7 years old, and Levi (fawn) is a whopping 80lbs at only 10 months. I look forward to reading the forums and looking at everyone photos!!IMG_4278.JPG