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Discussion in 'Feeding' started by liamsmom, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. liamsmom

    liamsmom Super Boxer

    Jan 24, 2007
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    I'm hoping some of you can help me out. Our 8 1/2 year old girl, Zuki is giving us a run for our money with eating....or should i say NOT eating.
    We had been feeding her Nutro Ultra and she was doing fine. Then, the feed store where we purchase all our food suggested we try Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul. So we switched all three of our boxers from Nutro Ultra.....to Chicken Soup. that switch went fine. However, after about a month...two out of our three boxers weren't really doing well on it. Our fawn boy (11 months) had some major eye booger issues and red eyes and became very itchy all over his body. at the same time, Zuki started haviing stomach issues. very gassy, lots of belly noises, not wanting to eat. so we felt it would be best to switch to something better. in the meantime, even though it's not the greatest food, we switched them all back to Nutro Ultra because they tolerated it well and we thought it would be a good food to use to begin a whole new change over and we wanted to get them off the CS while i did some research on dog foods. so after doing all kinds of dog food research,(with tremendous help from BW), we decided to switch all three of our dogs over to Timberwolf Organics.
    well the two boys are fine. they are totally accepting the change which we are doing VERY SLOWLY.
    however, our girl, Zuki is really being fussy. We are switching her slowly. but ever since her stomach issue from the CS about a month ago........she has been so fussy that feeding her has become a major issue. she just picks at her food...hardly ever finishes her dish. we had her to the vet because we thought there might be something else wrong with her. we've had bloodwork done and xrays done two seperate times. all normal. since she was on the CS (she was only on it long enough to finish a 30lb bag) she has become picky and her belly hasn't been right. and she's been back on the Nutro for over 3 weeks. We've had her on pepcid and gas-x for a week and a half now and she still isn't thrilled about mealtime. we've even tried mixing in Innova EVO Duck wet food and she still won't go for it.
    we've been mixing yogurt into her food....this is a normal thing for her. we always give our dogs yogurt for gas :)
    we are trying to get her to accept the Timberwolf. right now...she only gets a 1/4 cup of the Timberwolf and the rest is Nutro. We will gradually increase the TW and decrease the Nutro over the course of 2 or 3 weeks so we don't upset her tummy but she is being sooooooo fussy.
    I wonder if she doesn't like the food.
    and, I'm so annoyed about the CS throwing her into a tummy tizzy. i feel like i have really messed her up but all i really want is the best for her.
    any advice???? hubby and I just want her to eat and be healthy. we can't figure out what to do to make her eat.
    she's hypothryoid....I asked the vet if maybe the Soloxine affected her appetite and he said probably not. Plus....if the Soloxine is increasing thyroid hormone her appetite would increase and not decrease.
    oh i'm just so worried. i'm almost in tears
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