First Rally Show - Need help/advice

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So I signed Morgan up for her first Rally competition (Novice A class). It will also be my first time in a competition! I have gone to a few shows/matches to watch and get an idea of what it will be like. However I was always training with the idea of doing obedience competition, but I didn't feel like Morgan was totally ready with off leash work yet and I knew the Novice Rally was all on leash and you can use verbal and hand signals and constant talking to the dog so I thought we would be better off doing the Rally first. Little did I know they can pull any of the exercises and isn't a set routine as in obedience, so now I'm freaking out! Especially since I have all confidence that we can quickly learn the exercises but I've never taught Morgan some of the exercises! So any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!! I know the number one thing will be to try and stay calm so not to pass on my nerves to her, so I'm just going to use this as if it were just a fun practice time and not getting my hopes up on placing - and it is a 4 day show, so perhaps by our last day we will have our act together.
Oh, also wondering what equipment/things should I bring with us to the show to keep us comfortable, calm, and happy during our down time between showing?


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Be sure to show up early enough to do the walk-thru. The judge will take you through the entire course. Take water, a chair to be safe. A small blanket for Morgan to rest on. You can watch other people work and maybe be able to watch the Novice B class. The course may be the same or very similar. When going through the course, remember to not rush and you can do an individual exercise over, if you mess up.

Just have fun (I know it is easy to say). :)
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