Favorite Toys?

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I'm with everyone else that has a basket of toys for their furbabies. Betty will pick one out, play with it (or get me to play with it), go get another one, and so on and so on. By the time she's done, it looks like I've had a play day with a 2 year old skin baby! I thought I was through picking up after the kids! Her favorite is between her "bo-bo" and her quacky duck. She loves the squeaky ones, but Howard, our old dog, gets so worried when he hears it squeak he steals it away from her and keeps it tucked under his paws for safe-keeping. It's pretty funny.
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Jukes best toys are balls and squeeky toys i did buy juke a hard basket ball a few weeks ago but it did not last the week out but it lasted longer than any other ball. He has a rock hard rubber ball that he take on his walk around the park, but its like an egg now did start of round they seen to last quite a few weeks until the start to fall to bits.


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Minx's favorite toys in order:
Tennis Ball
Wiggly Giggly Ball
Grunting Hedgehog
Squeaky Squirrel
Rag Mopp - it is a wooly round face that squeaks, with braided ropes hanging off of it, although some are not braided anymore
She too has a basket of toys that she has to knock over in order to be completely satisfied! foolicon


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Same here. Cooper loves squeakies. It is really hard to find toys that keep squeaking though. Seems the squeakers all fizzle out too fast... :(

Waldo's a fan of anything that squeaks,he'll pounce on usually one of them when I get home from work.
When I say to him"where's your squeaky"he'll go to his basket,pick one out by jackhammering on it,then that's followed by a burn up and down the hallway with it in his mouth:LOL:


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any type of ball, especially ones that bounce so they can kick it around. I also found this toy ( don't know what its called) but when it hits the floor it vibrates and sings a bunch of songs ( including " who let the dogs out") Gotta to admit that it becomes pretty annoying but it is so funny watching them throw it up in the air and waiting for it to make noise. And of course the laser light


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Kongs and tennis balls hands down. Although, Chief loved his Hurl~a~squirrel frisbee as well (until Sam shredded it) nonoicon (naughty brother :( )


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Tennis ball is a BIG favorite for Tyson so far. It works out great for both of us. He is incredibly amused chasing it and bringing it back (and receiving his reward) and I can watch him chase and return the ball for a LONG time. Then he's ready for bed as soon as we go inside. He's so much fun all of the neighborhood kids come out and want a turn (or 3) throwing the ball and watching Tyson chase it, they bring their own balls and have him chase those too. It's great fun for everybody.


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buster loves anything that squeaks, but i have learned to be careful about what kind of squeaky toy he plays with - the plush ones are torn apart too easily, and i've found a couple of poo piles in the yard which squeaked when i picked them up.
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