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Lily is 7 1/2. She is getting DM. Her back legs splay out when she's on a slippery floor. She can still walk but occasionally looses control. She has a little incontinence sometimes while she's laying or sleeping.
Does anyone know of a regimen which will slow the progression of this damn disease?


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I am so sorry that Lily has DM. It's a nasty disease. I don't know of anything that slows it down. Did your vet have any suggestions? I would put down carpet runners on the slippery floors. It will make it easier for her to get around.
I am sending positive vibes your way. ----->>>>>


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I am sorry about the DM diagnosis. It is heartbreaking to watch our pups decline. Arabella was having issues with the floors at my mom's house so I bought disposable self-adhesive paw pads. I didn't get a chance to use them, but they look well made. I got them off Amazon. They sell booties as well. Her is a screenshot of what I got. Screenshot_20191115-125219_Amazon.jpg


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Thank You both. Carpet runners were my thought too. Cindy doesn’t want them. We are going to get her some booties for her back feet. I might try those sticky pads too.