Crusty eyes in morning ~ allergies?


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Ruby had a vet visit for rabies shot and told vet about her eyes, White discharge in corner, red in corner, crusty in morning, as day goes on it gets better but still watery. We are told allergies, one eye is worse than other. Told don’t do anything, didn’t want to do drops in a crazy hyper puppy. I clean them with warm wash cloth in morning, different one for each eye. She looked at cornea for scratch and didn’t see anything. She’s 16 weeks and has allergies already..... pollen is very bad here and my allergies are bad as well. Anyone have this with their boxers? Never had this with my other two.....


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Hopefully the allergies will get better when the pollen levels drop later in the spring. Cleaning the eyes every morning is probably the best thing to do. Good luck!


Boxer Insane
Skully gets eye goop and thankfully it is seasonal and he is mostly over it. Me and my allergies are going strong though. Since she is so young she could outgrow the allergies.