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I must ask. Does anyone else's fur baby insist that he/she must has physical contact with you "no matter what"???

Baron literally follows me around until I stop moving so he can lay on me. For instance, he's on my feet right now... hehe He has to lay on my lap when we're on the couch/chair. He lays on my feet while I brush my teeth. He tries to lay on my feet while I'm cooking. If I forget to latch the bathroom door, he will follow me in there and rest his chin on my knee while I am going. If I am squatted down on my knees doing something, he will come and curl up on my calves in like .01 seconds flat.

Here is my favorite. I was doing a yoga routine the other day. It was to the stretching part where you lay flat on your back and you stretch each hamstring and groin by lifting each leg up and then out to the side. I hadn't even started in on my first leg full force yet and Baron was curled up in between my legs and across the leg still on the floor. He didn't even want to move when it was time to switch. hehehe

It's completely insane, but I love it!

Does anyone else out there have any funny stories like this? I love reading about their quirkiness.

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Cornelius pleads guilty! The very second you sit on the couch, he is up on your lap. Sometimes it's just his front upper body. Other times, that's not enough and his whole body is in your lap. A 66 pound lap dog - gotta love it! And then there's the leaning for no particular reason other that you happen to be standing up and he's standing next to you. :LOL:


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oh yes the velcro dog :LOL: I am forever falling over my two when in motion cause they must be right their. Even while vacuuming I must direct them out of the way so I can get my chores done. We are never alone on the couch. One or both must be on you at any given time. And when you get frustrated with them they give you the most sappy face so you feel soooo guilty :LOL: of course in my house we also have a velcro cat. yes they all like to be on my lap at once but they have figured it out somehow :D


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Milly is sooo guilty. As soon as I come home from work she has to nuzzle and be hugged for what feels like forever.
When sitting on the couch she will sit next to me, than start to lean and than slowly slides down until she is laying on me.
Sleeping she cuddles between my legs which sadly I have gotten use to. Most mornings we wake up to her spooning one of us.
I wouldn't have it any other way, love the boxer cuddles!


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Rocky also is glued to me. Follows me into every room - he isn't TOUCHING me constantly but if I sit down or lay down he's there. If I go into our bedroom to clean - he'll lay on the bed watch me. If we are in the kitchen, he'll lay on the carpet mat. He always has to be comfortable. Comfort hog!

The other day I was cleaning/wrapping xmas presents - and I look and Rocky wasn't there! I thought he died.....but then I found him in the other room laying on the bed. Maybe Velcro dog starts going away once they hit age 2..... ;)

I love it though - I'm worried something bad happened when he isn't constantly following me around!


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Haha - I was just going to write about how my girl's a bit more independent and is generally good as long as she has visual contact with me... and then she sneaked over and curled up so she's lying against my feet LOL She'll do that every now and then, but generally if she is resting then she's fine anywhere in the same room as me. :)

In obedience class the contact issue can be a problem, though. Last night we were supposed to be walking with our dogs and randomly stopping and practicing sit/stand/down... Well, every time I stopped, Daisy did the "boxer lean" against my legs and just looked up at me lovingly! :LOL: I kept trying to move away so I could give her the cue, but she kept scooching back over to lean against me... dohicon (A couple of non-boxer people said, "What is she doing??" hahahaha Gotta love them beans!


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Here I thought that this was unique to Raiden since he is deaf and I figured that he wanted to be touching me at ALL times so that he was aware of where I was when he's sleeping and such ... good to know that he's not the only one doing this! haha I have never had a dog do this before but he HAS to be touching me at all times. If I lock him out of a room, he cries. When I am sitting on the couch he is on my feet, when I am cooking he is leaning up against my legs or laying on my feet, when I am sleeping at night he has to be pushed up against me as hard as he possibly can...if I shove him over, he pushes harder into me. He tries to follow me into the washroom and leans against me. If I manage to get the door closed before he comes in, he scratches and cries at the door. He is stuck to me like a magnet at all times. My mom came over for dinner tonight and he was driving her crazy as we were cooking together and he layed down on my feet between me and the stove.


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All these stories make me laugh I could only wish to have that happen to me right now,I sure would love to have my boy follow me.I miss him so much,he was a cuddler


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Bodie is so guilty of this. Anytime I sit down he backs up, lifts his leg so he can settle across one of my legs. Then he rests all of his weight on me. If I'm standing still he leans against me, if I'm laying on the couch he lays all 68 pounds of himself on me as much as he can. His favorite is if I sit on the floor, then he crawls up into my lap. I've never had a dog that followed me from room to room, I can't even go the bathroom by myself! I think it's one of his most endearing traits. When they say boxers are velcro dogs they aren't kidding!
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