Chicken Necks

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Our Nala loves chicken necks! I think it is better than chicken back. The only drawback is Nala inhales them, I don't think she even chews.

Unfortunately, I cannot get a good supply locally of chicken necks. So when we chop chicken up for our own meal, we reserve the necks for her!


I do it is to much skin and it could cause diarera. when I get my necks I clean off the skin which is a big job for 25 lbs and then separate them into bags for the day.


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Chicken skin is very fatty and with some dogs that can cause a problem. If you are just starting feeding raw, I would remove it. You can alway add it back in later.


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I remove the skin when I make the individual servings. The skin on the neck comes off really easily and should not take you too long. To skin and package 40lbs of necks doesn't even take me an hour.
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