Burnt grass from urine

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Ok - here is a question - what do you do when the spots are ALREADY there? By giving him the apple cider vinegar now it wont take them away will it?

How do I fix my lawn?

We are lucky - he goes only in one corner of the grass, but still - almost that whole corner is yellow grass now.
Sometimes his new thing is to go on the pavement - just as of like 1 month ago - especially if it's raining and the patio is wet - not sure what that is about....

Anyway - how do you FIX the hot spots?

You'll have to water that area A LOT to dilute the acidic content. The grass *may* grow back on it's own if you do that, if you water 3-4 times a day for 20 minutes or so in that area and are not getting grass coming back in 2-3 weeks you'll have to put down new seed right there and water it until it starts to grow.


Boxer Insane
We had this problem and solved it by landscaping their potty area with pea gravel(no pun intended!). They have a good sized fenced in area to do their business. Clean up is easy; scoop up the piles and rinse the rocks. The rest of the back yard is also fenced in but the grass is nice and green!


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My daughter has a chocolate labrador and has the same probs with the grass as we have with our Boxer and she has brought a dog rock for the water bowl - If it worked I was gonna try it too, but looking at their grass, im not sure if its working!


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I have the same problem and just bought some apple cider vinegar yesterday (Bragg brand). I'm adding 1 tablespoon to her food once a day. She doesn't seem to mind the taste. In fact she tries to lick the bottle if I put it at her level. :) Let's hope it works because my grass is becoming extinct!
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