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I've been thinking about cutting my boxer's ears to make them stand striaght up. but, I've heard many stories about Boxers getting infections in their ears because of water and bugs and dirt getting into their ears. I don't know whether I should keep them down or cut them. what would you do with your boxer's ears?


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If I had to do it over again I would leave them natural. Its tough thing for a puppy to go through.

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We didnt want our baby to go thru the pain of having the ears done....and really their is no reason to unless you are showing your dog........we just ran into a couple at one of the dog parks near by...and they did crop thier puppys ears and they said that if they could do it over again... they would not crop the ears.....the mom said that she was in tears and was like......what did we do??


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Bailey's ears are natural. I love them that way. We clean his ears once a week. if they need it or not. I think that his ears are so cute. Don't crop.


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You didn't mention how old your boxer is.....if he/she's no longer a puppy, you shouldn't even CONSIDER cropping the ears. That needs to be done when they are VERY young.

I prefer floppy ears. They're so soft and silky and they make them look so comical and cuddly. I wouldn't crop for all the money in the world...I just wouldn't put my baby through that.


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My Gidget's ears aren't cropped either. I think it's becoming more and more accepted to not crop. A few years ago you would'nt see a boxer uncropped. Besides which they're cute and velvety soft!!!:) Look around on the board and picture gallery, notice how many are not cropped.:)

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Nero's ears are as floppy as they were when we got him!!!We like him that way!!!It depends on your taste...But I feel like some Boxers with cut ears look like they've come straight from the Army!!!


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Cassius's ears are cropped I had them done when he was 10 weeks old. He was put to sleep when they did it so he didn't feel a thing and the stitches disolve. When I took him home after the operation he was fine just a little sleepy he never scratched at them or cried in pain when I touched them of cleand them. He didn't even mind the tape. Now I got a lot of grief from people when I walked him in public how could I do such a thing. I believe there is no wrong or wright here it just a personal choice.


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We're cropped!!

Both of my boxers have cropped ears, which we did when they were very young...I remember the vet told us with Hannah that if she was sore after she got home to give her children's tylenol...but once she got home and got fully awake...she was off and running full steam again..the cropping surgery didn't slow either one of my dogs down...not for a minute I never felt like they were in any pain....BUT my dogs are 9 & 11 and as previously indicated back then almost all boxers had cropped ears.
Let me say this however, if I ever get another one I probably would not crop the ears...I have seen tooooooo many butcher jobs on boxers ears by vets that didn't have a clue what they were doing...they end up cutting them too short and giving them a pitbull like crop..I even saw one where the ears were two different sizes and the longer one always flopped and curled down...I would warn anyone considering cropping to be DARNED sure you have it done by a reputable vet that has some sense! djk


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Au natural here! :D

It will keep her "puppy-like look" through out her life. Having said that, if I were to get a show pup, I would crop. I did hear however, (not sure if this is true or not, some one correct me if I'm wrong) that the AKC put out a bullitin a while back telling the judges to be more leinient(sp?) on ears. And while this may be true, you can't just expect a tradition like that to change overnight. Many countries, New Zealand, for example, have both ear cropping and tail docking bans. Australia has a cropping ban. It may not be long before we are looking at the same thing.
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