Boxer too much like pit-bull (mad!)

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We have a pit mix in addition to our Boxer boy. His name is Hoover and he is SO funny, sweet, loving, kind, and a HUGE sissy. As a matter of fact, between the two, Sarge is much more "scary" sounding than Hoovie is. When we found Hoovie on the side of the road, I immediately thought he was full pit. We took him to the vet and he confirmed that he thought he is a pit mix. He new I was concerned, since we have 3 daughters, but he told me that all dogs can be sweet or mean, it just depends on how they are raised and kept. So apparently, we do something right - we raise big mean looking sissy dogs. LOL


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When my boss at work found out that Yogi was a boxer, his first words were "Oh - I didn't realize that you like the mean dogs." I told him that boxers, as a rule, are not mean dogs, it's all in how they are raised. And how anything with a face like a boxer could be considered mean is beyond me!!!


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RuesFam, does your municipality or state have a breed ban? If not, you may be able to file a complaint with your city/town hall.


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Oh yeah.. that reminds me.. the first 2 months I had Zoey, my dad would keep asking.. are you sure these arent mean dogs?? Are you sure they wont turn on kids?? And I love how my own mom would reassure him that Zoey was a sweetheart!


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While my boy is mistaken for a Pit quite often, I dont find myself getting upset like some on this board seem to. I guess I figure the majority dont know enough about dogs to have an intelligent converstaion anyway, so i just dismiss them and keep walking.

Although I do correct them with a quick friendly "Nope he is a boxer" with a big smile on my face.

As fas as pits and boxers looking alike, they do share similar ancestors. and poorly bred "jowly"pits can look like a poorly bred boxer. Plus they share a very similar temperment/personality, if you take the drive(read: terrier) away from a pit you get a dog that is very much a boxer.

Look at the link provided by calimomma about find the pit and see how many dogs look like they could be the "cousin" of our breed of choice.


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We have been told by a few neighbors that other neighbors we didn't know said things like, "have you seen their pit?" Our neighbor quickly corrected them and said that not only was he not a pit, that his jack russell would more likely bite than Tyson.

We have educated our neighbors on our dog and go introduce them. On our other side, the husband is pretty afraid of big dogs and so is his wife, but they aren't scared of Ty. As a matter of a fact, their little girl (5 yrs) and all her friends come over to play and she can make him: sit, high five, high ten, turn around, and lay down. She is only about 35-40 lbs, so Ty outweighs her by 25 lbs and she commands him (of course this is after us teaching her how to behave, like not jumping around). Dex is still a puppy, so he gets excited still but he will get there.

As far as PetsMart, everyone LOVES boxers around here. We feel like celebrities because adults and kids alike all want to come see and pet our dogs. I don't think I have ever had anyone there mistake him for a Pit there, but I have had a few ask what breed he was because they thought he was so beautiful. But you know, although I don't see how the heck you could mistake them for a Pit, I hate that Pits are judged too. If Ty did happen to be a Pit, big freaking deal! :(
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Here in Atlanta, Ga. I've experienced the same issues with Nylah. Many people will say that Boxers resemble Pitbulls, or thos with Pitbulls are mixing them with Boxers and/or stating they are Boxers to move in. To eradicate the situation they just said no Boxers or Pitbulls allowed. Its getting to the point where I don't know where Nylah and I will stay this fall when our lease is up because so many people do not allow Boxers. You can bet I refuse to Nylah up for anyone--as many apartment complexes have suggested.
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