Box of puppies.(title borrowed from Roge) :)


Boxer Insane
Did you hear about the moose hunter who found a box of puppies while out hunting?
Yahoo search this:
Canadian hunter discovers 20 puppies during moose hunt


Boxer Insane
Sounds like a piece of crap backwoods breeder dumped them since it said they were different ages. Hopefully they all find a loving home!


Boxer Insane
I hope whoever left the dogs there, ends up with the same fate. Lost in the woods, in freezing weather, with no way out.


Boxer Insane
I really hope that the media coverage helps to get them homed.. Such beautiful pups , it never fails to amaze me how anyone with a heart beating in their chest could do such a thing !!! I just hope that whoever did this gets what coming to them .. Karma is a bitch !!!


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How could anyone be so cruel! They are very cute, so I am sure they will all find homes.