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I want to thank everyone on this site that share the valuable information to give us the knowledge to keep our dogs safe and healthy. I never heard of bloat or anything that was associated with it. I am so so sorry for the folks on here that have out of the goodness of their hearts have shared their stories of how they had to learn about bloat. Boaz is and has always been a speed eater and my wife always asked me if it was okay for him to eat that fast. I did not really know the answer until today. I called her immediatly and told her all that I have read on here and some of the ideas on slowing him down. She said she would lay out a towel at his dinner feeding and see how that works. Thanks again for this very informative site. You may have saved my dogs life.

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Old thread but new to me! I use a raised bowel myself (well my Struddell didi) :) but I thought it was important for others who have not stumbled across it!


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This was also new to me until I joined Boxer world ..Good idea to get it out there again..


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Going to get rid of our raised feeder today. I was always told its best to use a raised feeder for digestion! Now I feel like a bad mommy! My boy vomits probably once a week a large volume of food. We always wait 1 hour after feeding before he is allowed to play but it happened last night after he was left for a couple of hours during the day. I believe this was stress related as he HATES to be alone.....
Thanks for the great information here!


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Just thought of this any correlation between dogs being fed raw or kibble and bloat factors??
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I believe the risk of bloat is lower if you feed raw. i don't know if it has actually been studied, so I have no proof.