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Just wondering if anyone in the central Mass (Im in upton, near hopkinton...???) area knows where a good off-leash park is for me to take my Austin to? Getting him in a week and a half, I would obviously wait a bit until he is a bit older, but wanted to go by and see what it was all about. or do you know of a website that may list these parks? thanks for your help


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I know people who take their dogs to Ashland State Park and also Callahan State Park - not offical off leash parks but lots of people walk the trails with their dogs off leash.

Congratulations on your new pup :)


I prefer Ashland State Park over Callahan. Callahan is not very clean and there are crazy cliques there. Samson got sick almost every time we brought him.


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I am from the South Shore and the best place we have taken Angel is Borderland State Park in Easton. I think it is about 40 minutes from Hopkington.
It is great! Tons of dogs!!!


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I'm in Rhode Island, but have also been to Boarderland State Park, great place to go. There is also one in Lincoln,RI. Chase Park. Which is located off of Route 146, heading towards Providence. It's about a 30-40 minute ride from where you are.


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I love Callahan State Park (in Framingham). I'm not sure whether it is officially off-leash or not, but all the dogs there are off leash. There is even a small swimming hole that the dogs love. I would just try not to let your dog drink the water. We've never had a problem with aggressive dogs either and for the most part, the owners there are pretty cool.


(pics in my gallery with emma in her lifejacket were all taken there)
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