Any Boxer rescues in Alaska?

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I curious if anybody new if their were any rescues up here in Alaska. We have 1 crazy boxer already and are looking to adopt one now. I've looked around for one up here but have had no luck. I heard a rumor that there might be a boxer breeder/rescue here? Any information would be great.


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Boxer rescue in alaska

I know that one of the West Coast Boxer Rescue's volunteers is in Alaska. You might want to contact them about one of their babies in need of a forever home.

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No Boxer specific rescue that I know of. Watch the Facebook page for AAFR (Alaska animal rescue friends), Craigslist, Alaska list and your local pound. Occasionally one comes up that people don't want.


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Yup. No boxer rescues in AK.
You can contact some of the breeders - they will occasionally have a puppy returned as an adult, or a show prospect that hasn't worked out for some reason that they want to re-home or retire.

I wanted a rescue also, and eventually had to travel to LA to get my boy. I worked with the folks down at Boxer Rescue Los Angeles for a few months via email and phone, then traveled down to look at their dogs and brought one home. They were wonderful.

It might be harder for you since you have another dog and you'd want them to meet before risking adoption. That's a long way to travel with two dogs.

I tried working with WA Boxer Rescue - but they wouldn't adopt to me living so far away (I'm in Fairbanks).

I have seen some boxers end up in the shelter here in Fairbanks, and occasionally in Anchorage. But they get swept up pretty quickly. You have to be fast. However, that may change since we have recently gained a couple of boxer BYB's in town (unfortunately) and there may be some dumped if the breeders don't checkout their new owners well enough.

Keep visiting the shelters as often as you can. Let them get to know you - and be sure they know you are waiting on a boxer... we get a lot of American Bulldogs up here... so don't confuse the two. They are very different temperamentally but can look a lot a like at certain times in their lives. Not that an ABD would be a bad choice or anything... but don't expect a boxer if you get an ABD or mix. lol.

Good luck.
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