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So my first boxer baby who is now 11 and going strong with energy is an American boxer and my new addition I am getting this Friday is a European boxer. Now I've heard that the American boxers are typically more high strung and more aggressive and the European boxers are more laid back. So cash my boxer who's 11. Has always been hyper and jumpy which I would think would be typical boxer if reading a description and he is very protective of our family which can make him aggressive in certain situations like protecting our yard and stuff. You can't come past our
Gate but he's awesome at a dog park. I firs what I'm asking is should I expect a more relaxed personality with my new European baby.


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Hi . I have no experience with the amarican boxer , both myself and my parents have European . My boy and my parents 1st boy are and were ( as my parents 1st boy has passed ) quite calm but did have there moments in hyper mode however my parents now have a 10 month old European girl and omg she is wired to the moon , it's the first girl dog to have so I don't know if it's the fact that girls are more high energy than boys or if like humans their personality is just different from dog to dog .


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Aww well ... both are "Boxers" but the fact of the matter is "Euro vs American" are two different experiences! We have this discussion fairly often on "Boxerforum." And the key term is "Aloof" to strangers???
And by and large with a typical, well trained and well adjusted "American Line Boxer" an owner will have "no idea" what "Aloof to strangers means???" My "Struddell" was 100% all American and she never met a stranger ... that she did like! SHe thought people were the next best thing to baked bread! My first oversize working line GSD ... not so much????

In as much as "all" Boxers are described as "Working Line Dogs" I assumed that all WL dogs are like this (her) ??? LOL yeah "NO!" I stumbled unto, a real WL dog when I got my first Oversize Workingline GSD (foster fail) and he was clearly not a fan of "People???"
It worked out well in the long run ... but there was a serious learning curve involved! My Struddell ...not so much. :)

The Euro Boxers are "still" the serious dogs in the "Boxer" line up! IPO, Mondo RIng, PPD and LE, by and large one will only find "Euro Boxers" doing those jobs??? The Euro Boxers ... are the "real deal! And in Euro by and large this is well known. IN "America" not so much??? Many years ago ... I was on the hunt for an "American Line Boxer" that did the LE K9 thing???

I found only "ONE." But when I dug further into it, I found that dog had retired?? So I moved on .... my bad, but since that, dog had (K9 LE American Line Boxer" had retired. I enlister help from my friends at the time on "Germanshepardforum" and they pointed me to ... "Cliff Von Grand Kevin" and yep sure enough, there they were! K9 LE Boxers in America ... still doing that job and all of them are "Euro's!"

But it seems to be a regional thing in America??? All the LE K9 Boxers seem to be back East??? Near as I can tell ... no K9 LE Boxers on the West Coast??? Most likely time and place kinda thing??? Mal's and GSD out here ...only???

And I would chalk that up to a quote from an old school trainer of K9's and he said ...he can train three GSD's in the amount of time it takes him to train one Boxer???? And you know .... time is money. :)

And ... the other well ... "odd Boxer quirk.." That one should know .... "rare among dogs" and I luv the girls myself. But if one ones to make there life simple ... get a Boy! In Boxers ... the females are the more "Domaninate of the two sexes???" By and large "whatever' is what most would think?? But I have my girl uh "nut up on two occasions???" And I am an old hand at breaking up dog fights?? But when my "Baby Girl" nutted up ... I 'd never seen anything like that kinda crazy????

Hence a word to the wise .... one female Boxer per household only! A different breed maybe, for "experienced owners???" That is pretty much established "Boxer" rescue policy. One really does not want to find out why such would be the case???