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Alternative to crating

Discussion in 'Dog Training' started by tmcarson, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. tmcarson

    tmcarson Boxer Buddy

    Oct 25, 2007
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    So here's my story, or problem. I got Taj at 12 weeks. She was from a breeder that lived on a farm. She had her mother and an older sister and was free to roam outside. She is now going on 8 months and I can't housebreak her for anything. I bought a metal create, and I've witnessed her taking her teeth and pulling at the sides. They are now bent and the crate is disfigured. She jumps around until it tumbles over. Needless to say she escapes. So I moved her into a room by herself and bought a tall 42' gate. She jumps over it. I bought a baby gate to go over the other gate and she jumps over it. She now goes into her crate and pees and then leaves. I've tried feeding her in it and giving her a t-shirt and favorite toys. All don't seem to work. I'm thinking its anxiety issues with me being at work and she wanting to be with the 9 yr old that has free reign of the house. I'm hesitate to put her back in the crate because I don't want her to harm herself. I am frustrated because my 9 yr and his late sister (litter mates) were trained in less than 3 months. Has anyone else tried anything other than crating?
  2. bxrbgood

    bxrbgood Boxer Insane

    Sep 6, 2012
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    After a brief period of confinement to get used to our routines, I let them have the run of the house, or the parts I want to let them use. I put in doggie doors which open to a 10ft X 10ft covered kennel area I put outside. If cleaned daily they don't mind using it. The first thing we do with a new dog is show them the route to the kennel. The other dog(s) help out.
  3. Bathel

    Bathel Super Boxer

    Jul 19, 2012
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    how much activity are you giving your pup? Sounds like she needs lots of walks and playtime... Boxer can be pretty energetic, especially as puppies... I think the only way to "house break" a boxer puppy is to have a tired puppy that has been walked and played with...

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