1. Vegas @ 2 Weeks

    Vegas @ 2 Weeks

    This was the day we found out he was a perfectly heathly little boy and he would be coming home with us!
  2. Baxter - 4 Weeks Old

    Baxter - 4 Weeks Old

    This is our first Boxer boy Baxter! He is 4 weeks old in this photo and we pick him up from the breeder on 3/29. We are so excited!
  3. Renegade


    this is my baby boxer boy Renegade, he is 7ks old and full of energy, it was incredably hard to get him to sit still for this picture.
  4. tiny


    it makes me laugh looking at the size of Murphy in that photo compared to him in the other photos I have posted of him at almost 4 months old
  5. Weizen 8 weeks old

    Weizen 8 weeks old

    This is our baby Hefenweizen, we call him Weizen for short.
  6. Weizen sleeping

    Weizen sleeping

    This is our baby Hefenweizen, Weizen for short, taking a nap after his "puppy crazies"
  7. I got you!

    I got you!

  8. Buddies


  9. Buddies


  10. Buddies


  11. 2 Week Old Tyson

    2 Week Old Tyson

    Tyson at 2 weeks old