1. My favorite toy!

    My favorite toy!

  2. Rox Sam & Taz

    Rox Sam & Taz

    This is a pic of my two clowns and the third belongs to my sister. From left to right Tazman, Samson & Roxie. Sam has a bad overbite but it makes us love him all the more.
  3. Haveing a nap

    Haveing a nap

    Here is Taz haveing a sleep after a long day...
  4. Painting Of Taz

    Painting Of Taz

    Here is a Painting of Taz that a good friend of mine done for me..Real nice..tell me what you think..
  5. Waiting for a Treat!!!

    Waiting for a Treat!!!

    Taz sitting waiting for his dad to give him a treat...Good Boy...