1. Little_pint


  2. 3 Months

    3 Months

    This is the latest as of August. Here he is a little over 3 months. Look how big hes gotten and that coat
  3. Profile


    Bing at exactly 6 months - 50 pounds - 21.25 inches.


    Bing at 6 months, on the lamb with my new shoe.
  5. Catching a breeze.

    Catching a breeze.

    Bing at 6 months laying in his favorite spot.
  6. Bing at 6 months.
  7. Vegas @ 7 months

    Vegas @ 7 months

    Getting so big!!!
  8. 4.5 months

    4.5 months

  9. My Growing Boy!

    My Growing Boy!

    Coal at 7 months.
  10. Teak at the Beach

    Teak at the Beach

  11. face buried in food dish

    face buried in food dish

  12. Waiting patiently to go out...

    Waiting patiently to go out...

  13. Tyson


    pix taken 1 week after ears cropoping.
  14. Tyson


    second week after ear cropping.U can see how is right ear is turning in. We had his ears taped or two weeks after this pix and turned out beautiful
  15. Sophie on the Attack

    Sophie on the Attack

  16. Dolly @ 4 months

    Dolly @ 4 months

    Look at her grow! It is going soooo fast!
  17. Lucy and Baxter

    Lucy and Baxter

    Lucy (boxer) 8 months and Baxter (pug) 1 1/2 years. And to think at one time he was bigger than her. That didn't last long.
  18. Lucy rolling over

    Lucy rolling over

    Lucy rolling over. Action photo.
  19. Lucy shaking

    Lucy shaking

    Lucy shaking. What good manners! Now if we could get her to do that to guests instead of jumping on them.
  20. Lucy at 8 months about 44 lbs.

    Lucy at 8 months about 44 lbs.

    Here is Lucy at 8 months and about 44 lbs.