1. Tank


    Tank relaxing
  2. ginger lounging

    ginger lounging

  3. Porter


    Porter (3yrs)
  4. layzeeee


    rocky and zaydee
  5. I'm being good..... I promise

    I'm being good..... I promise

  6. No mommy.....I wasn't sleeping.

    No mommy.....I wasn't sleeping.

    Here is Sadie my Papillon laying on the floor in her normal sleeping position.
  7. Sketch of Duchess

    Sketch of Duchess

    I was very inspired (bored) last night, so I decided to get back to an old hobby of mine--drawing. What do you think? I normally do still-life things but I wanted to try our puppy!
  8. Casey laying w/ flowers

    Casey laying w/ flowers

    Casey is such a good girl, she didn't fuss at all.
  9. I'm so cute!

    I'm so cute!

  10. My Angel Summer

    My Angel Summer

    Summer waiting outside the bathroom for mom to get ready.
  11. Lazy Day

    Lazy Day

    This is a pic of 1 year old Bodhi laying around with his 2 yr old human sister, Madeleine.