1. what's this little thing

    what's this little thing

    Checking out the new baby, meet our first grandson, Ryne Allen Eby
  2. A boxer sandwich

    A boxer sandwich

    Derek and his boxers!
  3. family


    our family time
  4. Xani and Lennox

    Xani and Lennox

    Alexandra (9 months), Lennox (3 years old)
  5. Sleeping boxers

    Sleeping boxers

    How Australian Boxers live
  6. Our Tigger

    Our Tigger

    So cute!
  7. Sit Tigger!

    Sit Tigger!

    Good boy!
  8. Baby Tigger

    Baby Tigger

    Feb. 2000 Our first baby.
  9. Emma the piglet

    Emma the piglet

    She looks like a little piglet!
  10. boxer hinnies

    boxer hinnies

    Emma and Tigger playing ball.
  11. Tigger & Emma

    Tigger & Emma

    Emma and Tigger on the couch.
  12. Sadie, Rudy and their new brother Cameron

    Sadie, Rudy and their new brother Cameron

    Sadie and Rudy welcome their new brother Cameron. Sadie 2/1997 Rudy 11/2001 Cameron 11/2002
  13. A boy and his boxers

    A boy and his boxers

    A boy and his boxers.
  14. Naughty


    Porter & Libby are caught being naughty.
  15. Is this little guy for real?

    Is this little guy for real?

  16. Good dog Angus

    Good dog Angus

    Angus the Great! Sitting for a picture....Good dog!
  17. Best Friends

    Best Friends

    Emmie 04/99(left), Aiofe 12/00, Sulis 10/01(cast) in the back yard.
  18. Maxi's Nappytime

    Maxi's Nappytime

    Maxi is trying to find a comfy spot to take a nap while we were cleaning the attic of our newly purchased home. This is where he settled.
  19. Blazer Boxers

    Blazer Boxers

    My babies in the Boxer Blazer!
  20. Cozy with the boxers

    Cozy with the boxers

    Scott with the dogs.