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    Dharma and Rocky - Spring 2013

    Spoiled Rescue Dharma looks like she is benefiting from being rescued. Well done!!
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    Happy 10th Birthday Cami

    Hugs Awww, hugs to you. Cami is in good company, but I know you miss her.
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    Hugs Don't blame yourself. Sometimes we lose our babies before we expect, but if we love them and care for them it is never our fault. Cancer is very tough. I sympathize with you.
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    Goodbye Bailey

    Bailey Oh Sarah, I lost my white boxer boy this week too. My heart goes out to you.
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    Tyson - Glad I adopted you

    Hi, I want to recognize my rescue Tyson who died this week and to thank all of you out there that take these silly and sometimes troubled dogs into your homes and hearts. Tyson outlived his cancer prognosis by a year, a good year in which he was more at peace and better behaved. It made all...
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    Our Boxer Sampson died tonight

    Samson Sounds like he was lucky to have you and that he also brought joy and compfort to your world.Condolences to you.
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    Moto I remember when you first started posting about Moto. What a sweetie. Sorry again for your loss.
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    Bud The Bird

    Bud What a sweet tribute for Bud and your Dad.
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    No more couch rule

    Once a couch dog, always a couch dog. And I mean only once!!!
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    Icky feeling

    This sounds to me like Bob has realized that your husband may be considered a statutory employee under the laws of the state where you live and is trying to correct it (in some way). There are some pretty straight forward IRS regulations about whether someone can be treated as a contractor vs...
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    New Seperation Anxiety after 4 Day Vacation

    I recommend you keep practicing coming and going, and getting a crate. This worked well for me. Make sure it is a large one, that you remove his collar, and give him a treat and a favorite toy. Put the crate in a familiar place and where he can see what's going on. I used a wire crate...
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    Aggressive dog getting better

    That's great! The same thing worked with Tyson who was always quite agressive to other dogs. The more I exposed him to multiple doggy/people situations, the less bothered he seemed by a single dog.
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    how do i stop my puppies food aggression?

    Hopefully you will get some good advice on this, as I have never been able to solve this with one of my rescues. Since you need to leave food down, perhaps you could put it in a certain place that can be temporarily isolated and started training the puppy that she is not allowed to go in that...
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    A little frustrated :(

    Any chance of an allergy? Perhpaps to something in his bedding? Hope the dehumifier solves it.