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    What is your boxers favorite house appliance?

    Hi Martha, it's a thing that attaches to the hose, to wash down a car, boat or caravan (or anything really). The water goes through and makes a brush in the centre go round really fast and it makes a whirring noise ... a source of great joy to a Boxer :lol: A pic here - ours is an older...
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    What is your boxers favorite house appliance?

    The oven and hair dryer here :) Ruben's very favourite is the Swirlon - he loves water and the hose at the best of times, but add the Swirlon and he is truly overjoyed. Hours of fun (for him, not so much for us) :rolleyes: Sharon
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    Just go out!

    Found the solution (and realised that I am, indeed, an idiot) - had to go to town to do the mail, picked up the car keys and everyone raced to the door :rolleyes: Will have to remember that for the next very chilly morning :lol: Sharon
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    Just go out!

    It's winter here and the temps are well below normal - about 6 deg C this morning. The Boxers and the token Boxer seem to be on a strike about the weather. The last time anyone went outside was 4.00pm yesterday - so that's about 17 hours inside! I open the door every 15 minutes and they just...
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    Help in Motivating...Please

    What type of training issues are they having? Is this for the trial ring, or just general 'around the home' things? Your parents may need to think a little creatively about motivation. A friend of mine lets her dog play with an empty ice-cream container as a reward. With my silly male, I...
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    Very frustrated Boxer Owner

    I clicker train my dogs :) Sorry about your pups eyes, have never seen that reaction due to a GL. Hope she is back to normal soon. Another option may be a no pull harness, have you considered one of these? Sharon
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    Misbehaving for Pet Sitter

    See what your thoughts are after meeting the sitter, but it might be better off for Finnegan if you request a new person. I can not leave my dogs with my mother in control as they walk all over her - nothing bad, they just do what they want (things they don't dream of with us or other...
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    How does your boxer melt your heart?

    Nearly everything they do :) I'd have to say it is our 'oldies' that get me. I love watching Layla run and wrestle with Bindi, she is so grey yet acts like a three month old, and watching Bella tear around the agility field at 10 is wonderful. Sometimes feel like crying as I know the time...
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    boarding two - together or separate runs?

    I hear you on this. Same thing here - book in my five and we only get a 5% discount on one (three runs). And, I supply the food! It works out to be a total of AUD$80 per day, with me providing the food. Have given up, the dogs just come everywhere with us now smashicon Sharon
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    Very frustrated Boxer Owner

    I second Dan's suggestion of buying the book 'Culture Clash' :) If I could only own one dog book that would be the one. Re the Head halter - they are wonderful and I find them an extrememly useful tool for frustrated owners ;) In saying that, they are just a tool - if you want to use it...
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    Need To Know If I Am Doing This Right

    Our kids are crate trained, and love their crates, but I've never actually used them for housetraining. Have found them very useful for 'alone' training - except for Bella who had confinement issues. The main reason we crate train is because if they ever go to the vet they will be crated...
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    Titus has cancer!

    I'm so very, very sorry :( Sending all the best possible thoughts to Titus and your family. Went through this with Rebel - the Pred helped a great deal. In his case the chemo did not work (but I'd definatley go that route again). Our oncologist and vet were extrememly supportive and...
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    opinions on mattress style dog beds

    We started using the mattresses when Bo, Reb and Tess were in their teens (and were slower and a little arthritic). The type we use are the supportive foam. Did not get the springs just in case someone decided to trash the beds :rolleyes: My crew always choose the mattress over the softer type...
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    Help with heeling on a leash

    Hi Jen, if it does not bother you, then it's no problem at all :) I don't mind my crew sniffing and things when we are on walks. I like to let them sniff and enjoy being a dog using their nose. If I want to move on I just tell them we are going to continue our walk (a verbal cue, 'let's go'...
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    Help with heeling on a leash

    No matter what you do, you will have to be totally consistant and keep on trying for ages :) He has had more than a few weeks of pulling, so he has to learn a brand new behaviour - not pulling on lead. If you do a forum search you will find heaps and heaps of threads on this. There are quite...