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    pain management

    Thanks. I'm hoping a higher dose of metacam/meloxicam will help. I'll look into acupuncture
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    pain management

    Hey all, I used to post here when my Johann was a puppy....But I've been gone for a few years. Johann is 9! He was diagnosed with spondylosis around age 4, at this point all of his thoracic and most lumbar vertebrae are involved. I also think he's has hip dysplasia He gets 50 mg tramadol, 300...
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    New dog - will he ever play?

    He's adorable! Hopefully he'll settle inand start to play more
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    Thanks for your input. It's so hard to tell if he's symptomatic or just at his baseline lameness. Hopefully the CBC will be normal
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    Anyone had their boxer treated for anaplasmosis? I live in a lyme/anaplasmosis endemic area. Johann's 4DX (lyme, anaplasmosis, heartworm, erlichiosis) test was positive last year, so we treated with 2 weeks of minocycline. For some reason we didn't do a recheck to make sure he was no longer...
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    My dog has lymphoma......

    I'm so sorry to hear about Cody. I remember you and him from way back. I hope that you are able to have many more happy days and memories with him. Thinking of you
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    So much for a lazy Sunday morning.

    Good luck on Monday!! I will be thinking of you and Arabella
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    any and all advice wanted and welcomed!

    My boxer boy has spinal spondylosis that has spread to affect 4-5 vertebrea. It took us over 2 years to finally work up to needing tramadol twice a day, and even then- he was really off and tired for the first few weeks. Did you get an xray of her neck, back, and hip area? We found out Johann's...
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    Transitioning to farm life

    I hadn't thought of that Roge. I'm pretty sure chasing livestock is grounds for shooting a dog in Maine as well. sadicon We'll have to scope out the (not so close) neighbors and see what they have for animals/dogs
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    Transitioning to farm life

    I'm sure that we will eventually fence is some part of the yard, but it's not doable right now due to $$. Johann used to be off leash at horse farms all the time, so he's pretty good with critters. He's good at sticking close by, and also getting pretty lazy. He'll def. not be allowed outside...
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine the heartbreak. Thinking of you and your family, and I'm sure Cornelius is already doing crazy boxer burns over the bridge
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    Need Help with New Rescue Girl!

    Instead of correcting/saying "hey", could you call them both over and praise for calmness?
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    Transitioning to farm life

    We're buying a farm, closing next month. It's on a very rural road in a very small town (1500 people?). Currently, we live on a busy road in an area with limited off leash areas (well, there are off leash areas, but Johann is not good with other dogs). Johann is very used to his life on a...
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    Caney is having surgery tomorrow

    Good luck today Caney!!