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    Double Devastation

    So sorry for your double loss. Just know they are happily playing together at Rainbow bridge.
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    Brain Tumor?

    He's not doing any circling and he seems to be better. I looked up phenobarbital on the net and it seems that balance issues are one of the initial side effects (ataxia). It should subside after a couple of weeks. Each day he is doing less stumbling, so I'm hoping it is just the medicine and...
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    Brain Tumor?

    He is only on the Phenobarbital. The vet checked his eyes and they were equally dilated, so he said that was a good sign, but that he still could not rule out a tumor. He has no problem walking or even running at times (right now we have ice all over the ground so there's not much running that...
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    Run free sweet Dakota.
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    Lost our sweet Rocco

    So sorry for your loss. I don't post often now either, but I remember you and Rocco. Sun free sweet boy.
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    So sorry for your loss. He's healthy now and no more pain. Have fun at rainbow bridge.
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    Brain Tumor?

    It looks like my sweet Balboa (my baby boy) has a brain tumor. He has had 4 seizures in the last week. He is now on phenobarbital 60 mg. twice a day. He has not been diagnosed with a tumor, but vet said there is that possibility. I have a couple questions for the ones of you that have...
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    possible seizure?

    Hate to hear this. I am going thru the same thing right now. Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Sending postive vibes.
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    Help!!!!! Ate tealight candles including the metal container

    Well, Balboa finally threw up about 1/2 of one of the containers. Still got 1 1/2 to go. Been checking his stools everytime he goes and he hasn't passed anything but candle wax that way. I really thought each container would come up/out somewhat whole. He's never been much of a chewer, He...
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    Help!!!!! Ate tealight candles including the metal container

    Talked to the emergency vet last night and called his regular vet this morning. They both seem to think he will be okay. Both told me to just watch him. If he starts vomiting or tries to have a bowel movement and has problem or if his stomach seems sensitive then there may be a blockage. He...
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    Help!!!!! Ate tealight candles including the metal container

    Thanks for your reply. It's been about three hours now and he doesn't seem to be in any stress or pain. He's sleeping soundly. I'm going to hold off from taking him to the emergency vet and just get him to his regular vet first thing in the morning. I have a feeling there's not going to be...
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    Help!!!!! Ate tealight candles including the metal container

    Balboa ate two tealight candles (metal container and all). Should he be okay until I can get him to the vet in the morning. Someone told me that a dog's stomach acid would disolve metal. Is that true?
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    Lost My Sweet Baby Girl

    Thank all of you so much. It is so great to be able to come to a place where everyone understands and cares.
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    Lost My Sweet Baby Girl

    It breaks my heart to have to post here. I helped Wallie to the bridge last Friday. She had gone days without eating anything (vet felt sure it was gastro lymphoma). She acted like she was hungry but would immediately spit out anything she tried to eat. Wouldn't even try to swallow. Thursday...
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    Totally devastated

    So sorry to hear that you and Raine are going thru this. Prayers are headed Raine's and your way.