1. Holly


  2. Hiding in the Roots...

    Hiding in the Roots...

    Thor next to an uprooted tree on our hike in Idaho.
  3. Thor in my shirt

    Thor in my shirt

    Thor got cold, so he ended up in my sweater on our hike.... Next time I'll remember HIS jacket!
  4. Santa Attack!!

    Santa Attack!!

    Santa INSISTED on grabbing Thor by his LEGS, NOT his collar or leash....Needless to say, Thor was very confused, and thought this was in invitation to BOX! YIPPEE!! Now we know why Momma's in the picture too!
  5. Proud Thor

    Proud Thor

    Thor posing outside looking quite proud. He's finally a year old, and 65 lbs now.
  6. My Bone!

    My Bone!

    Thor guarding his new BIG bone from his bulldog brother Bailey :)
  7. Tyson and Roxie

    Tyson and Roxie

    These guys love the beach!! They were a gift from my wife's cousin Kevin and Francis!! Thanks Guys!
  8. The King and his Princess

    The King and his Princess

  9. HAGAN


  10. Alex


    Alex relaxing by the computer desk!!