1. Dax - 6 months

    Dax - 6 months

    a profile picture...
  2. Wilson's profile

    Wilson's profile

    Wilson's lovely face in profile.
  3. Never Mind!

    Never Mind!

    How do I look now? I look healthy then what I looked when I first was adopted.
  4. What?


    Who's there?? (~3.5 months)
  5. Ya Sure Yer Waiting For Me

    Ya Sure Yer Waiting For Me

    Jake decides to make me wait now
  6. What's out there?

    What's out there?

    See that pile of lumber outside? That's what's left to be put up of our privacy fence! :o)
  7. profile


    What Mom wouldnt love such a face.
  8. Profile


    Hoopers profile (Phils)