1. Bruce chillin'

    Bruce chillin'

    My dog chillin' on the couch
  2. 1st Show

    1st Show

    Jaegers 1st Show Gets best pup in breed,winners dog&Best opp.sex.
  3. Jaeger 17 weeks

    Jaeger 17 weeks

  4. Jaeger 16 weeks

    Jaeger 16 weeks

  5. Puppy 25 days

    Puppy 25 days

  6. Just take the stupid picture!

    Just take the stupid picture!

    Christmas pic of Xena...she is not too fond of hats, but she waits patiently for the shot to be taken!
  7. Jaeger 5.5 weeks

    Jaeger 5.5 weeks

  8. Jaeger at 4.5 weeks

    Jaeger at 4.5 weeks

  9. Jaeger at 2.5 weeks

    Jaeger at 2.5 weeks

  10. Jaeger at 3 weeks

    Jaeger at 3 weeks

  11. Jaeger 2.5 weeks old

    Jaeger 2.5 weeks old

  12. Caleb- 7 weeks

    Caleb- 7 weeks

  13. Puppy in my lap

    Puppy in my lap

    This is her sitting in my lap. Isn't she the cutest thing.
  14. Bear pic 3

    Bear pic 3

    Another pic of the cutie pie...I can't wait for March 2nd!!!
  15. Tyson


    I took this of Tyson using the solarize pic effect on the digital.