1. First snow for Nala.

    First snow for Nala.

    My son with his best friend Nala in her first snow.
  2. Nala


    4 month old Nala
  3. Check my teeth!

    Check my teeth!

    Nala's way of telling us she needs something urgently, she barks!
  4. Nala in dreamland

    Nala in dreamland

    Nala used to fit perpendicular to this position when we got her, now shes more than tripled in length at 7 mos.
  5. It's my couch!

    It's my couch!

    This couch use to be ours, now Nala owns it. Though, she shares sometimes!
  6. Am thirsty!

    Am thirsty!

    On one of our walks. Nala is 7 months on this picture.
  7. Lily & Nala

    Lily & Nala

    Silly dog you are supposed to chase the cats.
  8. Best Friends 2

    Best Friends 2

    Lily and Nala hanging out.
  9. Best Friends 1

    Best Friends 1

    Lily taking a "Cat Nap"