1. Angus being a part of the band

    Angus being a part of the band

    Telling me to play a new tune
  2. My first boxer- DEVO

    My first boxer- DEVO

    DEVO passed away last summer, he was part of my friends' boxer Emily's litter. I actually was there and got to see him born. Picked him out right there. DEVO 1993-2001
  3. Me and my boy

    Me and my boy

    Such a beautiful boxer all around he is. Smart, well mannered. Munipulitive :)
  4. Learning to leap

    Learning to leap

    He is 13 months old now and can jump above my head. And I am 6'3"
  5. Angus


    Here he is getting ready for bed.
  6. Angus at 5 months

    Angus at 5 months

    This is my boxer Angus at the age of 5 months.