1. Aren't they cute!!!

    Aren't they cute!!!

    This is how dad likes to spend his time with Junior. I couldn't miss this shot!!
  2. I'm just worn out.

    I'm just worn out.

  3. My father is gonna be mad

    My father is gonna be mad

    This is my father and my sweet Baby. I wont tell my dad I put his picture on the web. When at my parents house, she tends to take over their bed. My dad always says it's like having a heating blanket on you cause she has to lay her body as close to you if not on you.........
  4. The family

    The family

    Here's the group: Mom, Dad, Lilly, Cookie, and brother Dante.
  5. Wheres my dad????

    Wheres my dad????

    Whens dad coming home???