1. Beau Toy

    Beau Toy

    Beauregard at play
  2. Beau Light

    Beau Light

    This is Beauregard blocking my light source and trying to get in on the action.
  3. Beauregard Puppy

    Beauregard Puppy

    This is Beauregard aged roughly 14 weeks - he had a liking for chew sticks and would comically pose for you.
  4. Beau Closeup

    Beau Closeup

    Here is an inquisitive close-up of Beauregard
  5. Beau Asleep

    Beau Asleep

    Here is a picture of Beauregard asleep.
  6. Beau Puppy

    Beau Puppy

    This is Beau back in Jan 01 as a cute 10 week puppy.
  7. SMILE!


    This is a photograph of our Boxer Beauregard - He was asleep at the time.