1. Gotti 12wks old

    Gotti 12wks old

    Gotti waiting to get to grandma's house!
  2. Louis squashing Kuda

    Louis squashing Kuda

    Here i was worrying about them not getting on...im so proud of our old girl with what she puts up with.!
  3. Holly


  4. Vegas @ 12 Weeks

    Vegas @ 12 Weeks

  5. nice job

    nice job

    The biggest in the litter, he is a handfull.
  6. Tyson


    pix taken 1 week after ears cropoping.
  7. Tyson


    second week after ear cropping.U can see how is right ear is turning in. We had his ears taped or two weeks after this pix and turned out beautiful
  8. My Bone!

    My Bone!

    Thor guarding his new BIG bone from his bulldog brother Bailey :)
  9. Ashley looking sweet

    Ashley looking sweet

    Ashley around 3 & 1/2 mths. on an "ear breather" day :-)
  10. Zena Memorial

    Zena Memorial

    This is our 17 1/2 yr old baby. She is waiting at the bridge as of April 1, 2002. We love and miss her very much.