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    My buddy argos

    I am so sorry for your loss.
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    Ruby ~ almost 7 months

    Thanks everyone! She keeps me on my toes 😁
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    Ruby ~ almost 7 months

    Our girl is a crazy boxer puppy. 😆
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    Crusty eyes in morning ~ allergies?

    Ruby had a vet visit for rabies shot and told vet about her eyes, White discharge in corner, red in corner, crusty in morning, as day goes on it gets better but still watery. We are told allergies, one eye is worse than other. Told don’t do anything, didn’t want to do drops in a crazy hyper...
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    I’m a boxer Mom again

    Yes I see they are. But have to call to find out specifics....
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    Nearly 7

    Aww, he looks very comfortable lol
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    I’m a boxer Mom again

    Thanks. Yes zero patience here but trying. LOL its getting better at 14 weeks. A few days with zero accidents but I know if I’m not on top of it.... Off topic, do you all recommend puppy classes? I see Petsmart has them. I never did, Ginger had obedience classes, Lily had no classes and...
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    Hi from another old member

    Hello! Welcome back! Congratulations on your new pup Fiona! I too have returned after being boxer less for 1.5 years. My Ruby is brindle. She’s 14 weeks and keeping us on our toes. 😆
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    I’m a boxer Mom again

    Thanks everyone! Yes she is taken out in yard. She is now 12 weeks and can go up and down outside steps. She’s still young, you forget how long they take but each dog is different. Hopefully she doesn’t have a uti. I’ll take her she’ll go pee then half our later, goes inside. It’s once out...
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    Thinking of Cami today

    Hi Susi ~ I remember Cami. Can’t believe she’s been gone that long. I take it she was your heart dog. Just like my Lily was....
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    Oh my that’s sad. I wish I had advice... hopefully she’ll come around soon and see what the vet says.
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    I’m a boxer Mom again

    Thanks. I’m struggling hard training a puppy this time around
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    I’m a boxer Mom again

    Thanks Jan! Yes every dog is different and my previous two were very quick. But we had two days of rain isn’t helping either. It will get better! Ruby thinks it’s play time.
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    I’m a boxer Mom again

    Hello all! We are proud boxer parents again! She came home yesterday at 8 weeks. Meet Ruby the brindle boxer. I forgot how hard potty training is...., especially with it pouring rain. Lol
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    I hope everyone is holding up well under the craziness

    Hello, sorry for your losses but exciting to hear about your new puppies! We just brought new female boxer home yesterday she’s 8 weeks old. I forgot how much hard work it is. Lol. Will post photos on other thread.