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    It's Too Cold

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    It's Too Cold

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    I hope everyone is holding up well under the craziness

    Waldo is loving all of the extra time that I spend with him. He doesn't understand why people can't come up and pet him while we are walking though.
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    Santa needs a shot of whiskey!

    I wonder if he rubs bacon on his face?
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    This happened to my Trudy at 10 years old. The phenobarbital didn't help, it just made her miserable. At ten and a half I had to have her put down as all her joy in life had left. The vet said that it was probably a brain tumor.
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    Woo hoo I'm 10 years old!

    A silver fox.
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    Lily passed tonight

    Ten years of wonder and smiles, her job is done. Trudy made it ten years and nearly 5 months, I could have dragged it out another month or two but it was time.
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    Happy B'Day !!!!

    Thinking of him made him go into boxer burns followed by beaning.
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    It's been a year!

    Hopefully the sold him to a decent owner.
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    Middle Aged

    Well Waldo had his fifth birthday on the 22cnd. It was just a day for him. It was too hot to take him to Petsmart, the parking lot would have burned his feet. With the heat index the way it is it might be October before he can go on walks again.
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    What happened to Boxerworld?

    So my iPhone won't throw a conniption fit if I go here like it's been doing?
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    Allie vs Porcupine

    Females seem to be more effective guard dogs. Trudy cornered possums on two different occasions for me to come out and "tend to". Then she acted like she was the Big B and strutted around. Waldo completely ignores anything but cats and I think he just wants to play with them. I tell him to...
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    Boxer bumps

    My Trudy had that done. Keep an eye out for more and any suspicious lumps.
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    Raine is gone. Numb and broken.

    I remember when I had to take Trudy for her last vet visit and make that decision. I went back to the office with her still in the car afterwards. I printed out the document that I needed signed that day before I could take the rest of the day off. Then my boss asked how Trudy was doing(it was a...
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    What a lucky boy!