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    GDOGS 8/18/05 - 6/17/17

    I am so sorry to hear this. :cry:
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    Help cleaning nose

    A bulb syringe would probably be ok to use, but how is her nose getting dirty? How old is Skylar? My 10 year old boxer Caney has had a crusty nose for a few years now, and our holistic vet said it's kidney related.
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    Painted our "late" Stormie... 1 year since she ran over the Rainbow Bridge

    Wow, that is beautiful. Made me tear up when I saw it. loveicon
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    Pork ribs?

    Are raw pork ribs ok to feed? We have some that we forgot to cook for ourselves and were wondering if we could feed them to Caney. Otherwise they'll be thrown out.
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    Strange bump

    Caney has had lots of hemangiomas for years, some of them bleed from time to time. After getting one of them removed and biopsied its when we got the diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma. sadicon I hope that's not the case for Tank. Keep us updated.
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    Possible broken foot.

    Hope Skully's foot is feeling better now :)
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    My girl had surgery today

    Glad to hear the good news that the lump was completely removed! I hope that Lily is recovering well.
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    Bad breath

    My girl Caney just turned 10 and has been on a raw diet for just a couple of months now and her breath has improved immensely. It was pretty bad when she was eating kibble, I'm shocked at how quickly it got better with raw food.
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    A birthday for Ace

    I forgot to post on Ace's birthday! dohicon It was 2 days ago, on April 2nd. We think he turned 8. :happy: Happy belated birthday Ace! birthdayicon
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    Caney is 10 today

    My sweet girl reached double digits today! Love you Caney Roo loveiconbirthdayicon
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    Suspected brain tumor, looking for input.

    I am so very sorry about your loss sadicon he was a very handsome blog and so young. I don't have any experience with brain tumors but my girl Caney was recently diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma and like you we have chosen not to go the route of surgery and chemo. She well be 10 years old tomorrow...
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    Welcome New Baby

    Elizabeth Jo was born Sunday March 12th, 2017 at 10:41 pm. Just an hour and a half shy of 42 weeks. 6 lbs 13 oz, 19 1/4 inches. She is such a good baby! loveicon
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    Welcome Ruby

    Congratulations!! What a gorgeous girl. loveicon
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    Talk to me about Gingival Hyperplasia

    Yikes that sure is a lot for one surgery! (The procedures and the bill) Poor Thora. Glad she's doing better now though. I hope she doesn't have to have any more teeth removed!
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    Meet Penny

    Oh my goodness she's adorable!! loveicon But I'm with you, totally enjoying my senior boxers right now.:happy: Maybe another puppy in the future....