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  Boxer Rescue Stories 



Diego came to me when I received a call from a vet in Springfield, MO. Someone had brought in a boxer and asked that it be put to sleep because he wouldn't eat. We'll never know what the real story was or why they didn't bring him in earlier. The vet said that although the dog was skinny, he was eating just fine and couldn't find anything wrong with him. He wanted to know if I could take him. Of course, I agreed.

When I picked up Diego, what I saw was a dog that was not skinny, but completely emaciated. You could literally see every bone in his body. I've seen a lot of starved dogs, but none compared to Diego. He could barely walk without falling over, yet he held his head up proudly and looked at me with the sweetest eyes I'd ever seen.

I brought Diego home and got him settled in. He had obviously been someone's cherished pet at some point. He knew how to sit, and was a champion cuddler. He desperately wanted to run and play with the other dogs, but just didn't have the strength.

The first week, he seemed to be doing well. He was eating and drinking and appeared to be getting stronger. Unfortunately, just when I thought he would make it, Diego took a turn for the worse, and as weak as he was, there was nothing we could do. He went downhill fast and died in my arms 10 days after he arrived. I guess this world was just too cruel for such a gentle soul. Diego is now running like the wind somewhere where there is no pain.

Lisa Key
Mid-Missouri Boxer Rescue, Inc.



Rocki was born late November (1999) and given to this family as an early Christmas pup. She was only 4 weeks old. This family put her in the back yard of the the townhouse they live in and basically forgot about her. They would sometimes remember to feed her and never paid her any attention. She never went to the vet and rarely ate. I got a call from this family's neighbor asking me to come and take the dog from this woman. I had just lost my older dog so I said I would come look at her. Not realizing what I was getting into or how bad the situation was. When I found Rocki she was sleeping in a yard small then my office at work ( which is VERY small) on a matress that had been discarded due to the children in the house messing on it. They thought it would make a great bed for this little pup. So first of all she smelled horrible. She had hyper extended both of her front legs so she was walking on her second joints. She was so malnurished you could see her ball and socket joints for her hips and she could barely stand up. She had endured 3 nor easter Major storms without any type of shelter and crazy weather. And on top of it all all of her baby teeth were broken.
I took her that night without hesitation, took her to the vet the next day. My vet hooked her up to an IV and then came the results. She needed PT for her feet, she had 4 different types of worms which is one of the many reasons she couldn't keep food down. And all other sorts of problems.

The good news at this point, we have had her for 1 week and she is a new dog. She is walking properly, eating all the time:) She is a happy healthy spoiled rotten dog now who is loved and in great health. We have some minor blood problems righ now but that , we think , can be corrected with proper diet. She lives with our Bulldog Katie an our Cat Bentley. I am a firm believer in rescue , since Rocki was our first rescue ever.
April 21th: Well we went to the vet for our 3 week check up.Yes it has been three weeks today she came home to us! The vet said she looks like a different dog. She is 19.2lbs from 9 3 weeks ago!! All of her infections are all cleared up and she is walking on her feet 100% correctly! She got a 100% clean bill of health. She is getting her big girl teeth now also. On a semi sad note the vet doesn't think Rocki will ever get over 35lbs. At a healthy weight. She will be a Mini boxer! Which makes her even more special!!! Thanks for all your prayers and help with her!


A recent picture of Rocki

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