Questions to Ask Breeders 


Below are just a few questions to help aid in screening out the *types* of breeders.

1) How old is the female?

2) How many litters has she had?

3) How frequently is she bred... every heat... every other heat?

4) What genetic (hereditary) testing has she had & the male?
If no testing (or not all testing) has been done, then ask “why”?
If they test, they should be able to provide you with documentation and ethical breeders will supply this without questioning you why you want it.

5) Where is the male located? (most are NOT living in the same household)
Ask for pictures or the sire’s owners name/phone number so you can call them also.

6) What was the reason for the litter?

7) What type of written guarantee & contract do they provide?
What is in their guarantees & contracts? What do they require?
A written guarantee & contract protects the PUPPY first, then the purchaser & breeder.

8) Ask for references.

9) Where are the puppies being raised? Inside, outside, garage, basement, in the *living* quarters of the house?

10) What vaccines & wormings have the puppies received?

11) What age do you allow the puppies to go to their new homes?

Study the breed standards! Do not be fooled by someone trying to sell a particular color as *RARE*. For example: White boxers are not rare, and black boxers do not exist! It is NOT genetically possible to have an all black boxer! There are no miniature boxers.

Genetic (hereditary) health testing on the parents is NOT the same as vet checked.
Any dog can be vet checked.

Tails & declaws should have been removed by 3 - 5 days of age.

Puppies should be health looking, proper weight, with clear bright eyes.
Nasal discharge (if any) should ONLY be clear, not green or yellow, or crusty.
Puppies should be round, but not OVERLY round. (indication of worms)

Sabrina Jay
JeSaJay Boxers

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