Zoey Doesn't Like to Eat

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Boxer Pal
Yeah, my girl will walk away from her food sometimes after I've put it down. Whenever I look at old pics of her I wonder why no one called the humane society on me. She was THAT skinny!! It wasn't until the 15 minute rule though that she started to eat more regularly. Hopefully that will work for you. :D


Boxer Insane
Elvis has always been a funny eater! he just stoped eating regulary around 4 months. he started picking at his food so I changed brands, i have tried nearly every brand going, and he still refuses to sometimes eat. Now at 20months he is eating the best he ever has, although he will only eat at night and it has to have Prize choice mized in which is a raw mince you can by at the pet shop (but i have to cook it). Otherwise i have no chance of him eating!

he has gone nearly 3 days without eating before, he has no interest in snack or buiscuits so doing any type of training for treats was inpossible! he even turned down fresh chicken and ham!

The only thing i can think he is is very petit for his age, which means he proably does not have a big appetite!
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