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Your Spouse

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Cherokee, Jul 29, 2002.

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  1. brandimonkey

    brandimonkey Boxer Booster

    May 14, 2002
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    chad's overall great

    my husband is 5' 8" tall, don't know how much he weighs, getting skinnier!!!
    light brown hair, shaved very short.
    beautiful grey/blue eyes
    he has a lisp with"ch" and "sh" words, cute i think
    he is a fireman for the city of shreveport, so he's gone ALOT
    he is in a rock band, so he's gone ALOT MORE
    he loves music....of any kind
    he is very sweet, he balances out my crazy irrational wants and needs. he has his head on his shoulders. (i don't)
    we do fight....but we also forget about it fairly quickly and continue loving
    we have been married since february 2, 2002 (not very long)
    i love him more than i ever imagined i could.
    he's great
  2. Cherokee

    Cherokee Guest

    Jun 12, 2001
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    Thanks for the replies I really love reading these.
    When I said spouse I meant everyone in case that was not understood I wanted to make sure I said it.
  3. Rowdy's Dad

    Rowdy's Dad Guest

    Jan 8, 2002
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    I'd love to brag about the world's most beautiful woman, but I don't think the internet is the place to do it. She keeps me in line. She's a perfect Mom to our 3 boys. We're coming up on 11 years of marriage. We trust each other without hesitation. She has great patience, because I like to push her buttons and get her upset. (Like when she holds up 2 dresses in a store and asks which one, I tell her "The cheapest one".) Did I mention that she is the world's most beautiful woman?
  4. Raynas mom

    Raynas mom Completely Boxer Crazy

    Apr 5, 2001
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    My husband Is my best friend in whole world!

    He is 5'10 medium build
    dark brown hair (shaved right now)
    Long goatee on his chin...Tattoo's....on his back he has my name
    tattooed in big old english letters.
    We do every thing together.
    He treats me like a queen. queenicon
    He goes out of his way at all times to make sure I am happy....(It works both ways)
    Because we both have had really really bad childhood's....we try to make it up to each other.
    We fit together like a puzzle.
    We love music. He is a drummer...so we are always going off to Hollywood for him to play shows.,
    I've never missed a show yet ;-)
    He is the kindest man I have ever met.
    He would do anything for his family and friends.
    One bad thing is he has road rage when someone cuts him off or is just plain stupid! :rolleyes: we are working on that!
    He always tells me that God sent an angle down for him. But really its the other way around.
    I know when you have a bad childhood its easy to repeat the past.....lm thankful every day that Jason is in my life and that we have our wonderful babies Rayna and Bubba Joe. We have been married for 5 wonderful years and I too hope for many many more.
    Before I met my husband I was living in a foster home thinking about suicide and Jason told me later on when we were married that he too was thinking about suicide we both cant believe that we found each other and saved each other....we look back and cant believe how dark our lives used to be.
    We look forward to everyday that we have with each other.
    We have been talking a lot about having a skin baby, and we are just not ready to give up what we have right now.
    I'm sure that we might change our minds....I'm 24 and he is 30 so we have a while to decide.

    Best wishes to all the married couples here! ;)
  5. Chewy's Mom

    Chewy's Mom Boxer Insane

    Nov 14, 2001
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    This is tough to do, but very fun...

    Jared is 6' 1" tall. He has dark brown, thinning (shh!) hair, a beard, and beautiful blue eyes. He has a "husky" build. ;)
    He is the most generous person I have ever known. Just last night he bought gas for a stranger who didn't have enough to get home.
    The most important things to him in life are God and Family. He would do anything for either.
    Like many men, he can get frustrated easily, and even gets frustrated that he gets frustrated so easily.
    He is a Computer Engineer for HP, and is absolutely brilliant.
    He plays the guitar and sings beautifully, but doesn't seem to know how good his voice is.
    He has such a great sense of humor, and can totally be a nut and act like a kid sometimes.
    He is Mr. Sensible when it comes to big decisions, and so he balances me, Mrs. Impulsive, out perfectly.
    He has lots of friends, and loves to have people over at our house.
    Not only does he love his own family, but he loves my family and has fun hanging out with my brothers and my dad.
    He wanted a big dog, but I wanted a dog who is sweet and good with kids. So together we decided that boxers are the best!
    He likes most of the same movies and TV shows that I do.
    He supports me in anything and everything that I do.
    He knows me better than even my own mom knows me!!
    He is 100% trustworthy, and has a very loving heart.
    He is the love of my life, and my best friend.
  6. Linda/NJ

    Linda/NJ Boxer Insane

    Dec 16, 2001
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    Here is the scoop on my spouse:

    His name is Erik
    Height - 5'7" - Not Sure Weight, not skinny, not heavy, just right
    He is a Gemini. He is 4 years younger than me, love younger men.
    He is a technician (repairs power generators)Working at the same company for 14 years.
    He is Italian, originally from Philadelphia.
    He is handsome, quiet, patient, loving, can be serious and also funny. He tends to be a procrastinator, but so am I.
    He went to high school with my brother and they became best of friends, that is how we met.
    He loves old cars and loves to work on them as a hobby. The only reading he does is definately car related.
    He was the one that wanted a boxer, I am so glad I agreed with him.
    He enjoys most music, our tastes are similar.
    He is not interested in Boxerworld but I fill him in on things.:D
    We have been together 15 years, married for 9 years. Some day I am sure he will make a wonderful father.
    He is my best friend and my soulmate.lovicon

    Ginger * June 4, 1997
    Flashy Fawn * Natural Ears
  7. Ram&LexisMom

    Ram&LexisMom Guest

    Jul 31, 2001
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    145 lbs
    Dark brown eyes and hair
    a gotee
    Gets mistaken for that tall dark guy with the gotee on the Backstreet boys by little girls everywhere (I think the guys name is Richard)
    Thinks he is the is the sexiest man alive...just ask him
    Has dimples that just melt me when he smiles at me.
    He dips...just like any true cowboy...
    He's a welder
    Is increadably sexy with his black stetson and wranglers on...OMG
    Is there for me when I need him
    Grins through my awful cooking...take me out quite a bit
    Supports anything I do
    Thinks I'm pretty AND smart (boy do I have him fooled)
    Holds me when things get rough
    I love him more than anything other than my boxers :LOL:
  8. danelle

    danelle Boxer Booster

    Jul 31, 2001
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    Here goes...

    Mike is 5'9 medium build with beautiful green eyes
    Will be 39 yrs old forever
    He's a cable man
    #1 Dad and husband
    He's very blunt and to the point. There's no guessing about him and most people find that hard to deal with, but there's nothing he wouldn't do for someone
    He's a southern gentleman, originally from Georgia and is the love of my life! I can't imagine life without him.
    April was 10 great yrs together:D :D
  9. WAT

    WAT Boxer Insane

    Jul 3, 2001
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    My husband, my hero:
    5'9", medium build
    Brown hair, brown eyes
    Half Polish, half Italian (can be a little hot-headed sometimes)
    Did I mention his big brown eyes (sigh)?
    Terrific father, terrific husband
    My best friend
    Dedicated to friends and family
    Always there for me, through the good times and the bad
    Has a heart of gold
    We will be married 7 years in September, have been together
    for 10 years
    Brings out the best in the me (and occasionally the beast)
    A manager for a pest control company
    Loves his toys (motorcycles, boats, etc) almost as much as I love
    my Boxers
  10. Madison's Mom

    Madison's Mom Completely Boxer Crazy

    Jun 12, 2002
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    I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much this post has made me smile. I don't have anyone but I love to hear about how special you guys think your significant others are to you.....

    I thought I had that special person, 16 years of marriage, but it wasn't to be. I know that there will be somone else one day but in the mean time I really think it's great that someone has that special someone.

    Remember, you guys really are the lucky ones.:)
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