"Your dog is hideously ugly!"

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Those words were spoken to me this morning by a stranger as Mabel and I were out for our morning mile. My first reaction was horror...I mean, Mabel could HEAR him! When that passed (Mabel had no idea what he said, right??) I was just angry. REALLY angry. Who says that to anybody about their dog? I think Pomeranians are the weirdest looking little dust mops around, but I'd never say so to a random guy walking one down my street! How rude!

I accept that Boxers aren't your classic "cute" like a Golden or a Lab, but hideously ugly? Come on! I honestly find Boxers to be the most beautiful dogs out there. The athletic lines and those big, brown intelligent eyes win me over every time.
you should have said.....


immature, yes, but a quick and funny come back, u betcha! im sorry for this idiot man.. im sure your baby is VERY beautiful. no, boxers are not your typical, golden or lab... because they are a million times better... who needs a dog that looks exactly like the dog next door.. (sorry lab/golden owners..)

I probably would've said something back to him along the lines of "Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately??" and kept walking!

In the words of Stephanie Tanner... HOW RUDE!!
My favorite comeback for something like that is:

"If I had a dog as ugly as you I would shave its ass and teach it to walk backwards" :LOL:


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Stunned and I would be speechless too!

Wow, I was really laughing at the last person's entry, but I too would have been a little taken back. Doesn't this person know that beauty is only skin deep! Good Grief! Even the ugliest of uglies are beautiful! Look at Prince Charles, now that takes a deep looking, but maybe someone might find his ears cute.........
Basically, I agree with the rest....this stranger and I definitely mean just that, doesn't own a dog or cat or even a goldfish. Therefore, hold your head up and know that your Mabel is just the most gorgeous boxer around! And I am sure she knows it for you tell her every day, like I do to Alexandria!


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Obviously, this man has NO taste...as well as tact. To me, Boxers are a beautiful animal, espcecially because their look IS different. I hope Mabel didn't get too upset about him saying that!


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Oh my....!!! :mad: Its totally ok for everyone to have their own opinion, but to straight up tell someone their dog is "hideously ugly"? That's just wrong, and not to mention EXTREMELY rude! I probably would have done what you did, and be completely shocked & silent. I'm usually pretty quick witted, but if someone ever told me my dog was ugle I would be in complete shock. I laugh and make jokes about how goofy looking Charlie Paper is, but that's because 1) he's my dog, & 2) he kinda is. :LOL: Whoever put Charlie's head together was on drugs, but that doesn't make him ugly! Tell Mabel not to be worried about it. It's one person's dumb rude opinion. We all know the truth, & that is she (I'm positive), along with all boxers are absolutly beautiful!!
Oh jeez... I guess he's entitled to his opinion, but I guess he skipped the day in kindergarten when they taught you "if you don't have anything nice to say..."


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poop time

Let the dog respond by giving the guy a gift in his yard or on the drive.
this probably isnt the right thing to do, but funny to think about. some times revenge in the mind is just as sweet, but you probably couldn't tell if your boxer did poop on his heap of a yard.
PS: a friend said put a little sign in the poop that reads " this is hidiously ugly"


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Some people just have absolutely no class. It's like telling someone that their child is the ugliest kid in school. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Boxers are beautiful, intelligent dogs. They are sweet, loving, friendly and in my opinion... have a face that just begs to be kissed and loved. And I can't forget to mention the poise and grace displayed when walking that mimics the confidence of a race horse. How could you not love them??
It's really just the gas that makes me screw up my nose... lol...
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