Your 3 Favorite Movies

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I am a die hard Tom Cruise fan and will be to the day I die. i even married my husband because he looks like Tom Cruise! I'm obsessed!
My Three Fav Movies are:

1. Jerry Maguire (gotta love Tom in that one)
2. Top Gun (love a man in uniform)
3 Mission Impossible 2(didn't get the story completely, but Tom was hot in it)

And now I have confessed how I feel. Now you all know the true me. Isn't it sad?


1. The Matrix
2. The Fifth Element
3. Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves

Anything with John Travolta or Bruce Willis.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Charlie's Angels (the movie)
Grease (one and two!)
Pretty Woman
and anything with Drew Barrymore! :)


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I have WAY to many favorite movies to name!! but I will try;
1) The Man From Snowy River, I wanted to marry Tom Burrington
2)Twins "I love nuked food!"
But there are many many more!
Anything with dogs or horses as main characters ie. homeward bound, black stallion one and two, black beauty, turner and hooch, (I love tom hanks) And the movies that make you laugh so hard that your stomach hurts and you cry so hard that you can't see the TV.


I know this post has been here for a bit.. But I have been trying to narrow down my selection to just 3. It is next to impossible for me to pick just 3.. In 3 diferent areas.

1. Shawshank Redemtion (drama)
2. Gladiator (action)
3. The Clerks (comedy)

Thanks.. fun post.

Peggy G

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Just three? Gosh, thats asking a lot.

Titanic was pretty awesome
The Sixth Sense was pretty cool
Miss Congeniality was cute

but my favs are...

Pretty Women
Dirty Dancing

Then there's...


Then the classics...

The Parent Trap
The Sound of Music

Black Beauty was the saddest movie I ever saw and I wish I didnt watch it. I'm a happy ending kind of person.
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