You were a little girl of the 80's if...

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Jaime&Louie said:
Oh man.... I can relate to all of those.
What about wearing Izod shirts, and wearing those ugly beads!!! Remember all of the different colored beads, and wearing them to match whatever outfit you were wearing?
And... let us never forget UNITS!!!!
Or Z Cavaricci and I.O.U clothes or slap bracelets or intertwining those little rubber bracelets over the arm or Trapper Keepers or when CDs first came out in the Long Box (I remember cutting off the front picture and hanging on my walls) or dubbing tapes for friends on the dual cassette recorder or LaserDiscs or wearing two pairs of different colored slouch socks or leather jackets or boots with the fringe off the back or off the shoulder shirts so we could look like Ariel from Footloose or... see I got carried away again LOL gawd I miss the 80's
I was born in 79, so yeah my older sister and I were completely wrapped up in the 80's. The early 90's were kinda bad, too. I lived in spandex bike shorts and "Hyper Color" T-shirts. Did you have those? They were heat sensitive and when they were touched, they would change colors. This was a really bad thing to have when we started puberty....
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