You were a little girl of the 80's if...

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boxerchick12 said:
The cabbage patch kid thing - I have a friend that is still traumatized to this day! Her parents were really poor so for Christmas, they bought her a generic CPK. Her mom even took the pen and wrote the name on the butt. Well, needless to say, after Christmas break, all of us girls gathered around to see the toys, and this poor girl's fake CPK was discovered because it had a funky nose. One of the mean girls (not me, I swear!!) started calling it a booger baby. I still feel bad for us making fun of our friends' generic cabbage patch kid...
OMG-I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!! That is just hysterical.

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ooh-let's not forget Swatch watches with the gummy bands crossed on them!!! DH just got home and I read him this post-he wants to know if any of you wore 2 different color Chuck Taylor''s-I don't remember that one, but he says the girls in his school did it. (please note-his school is in the middle of a corn field-no, I am not joking). DH has to wear turtlenecks in the summer to cover his red neck ha-ha!!

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Hmmm. I don't recognise some of the things on the list...probably a question of geography.
I do remember going to a school disco once wearing a ra-ra skirt, legwarmers, trilby hat ( a la John Taylor from Duran Duran ) and lace fingerless gloves (a la Madonna) . I thought I looked the BUSINESS! (cringe,cringe :o )
I also remember one of my friends bringing in the first cd anyone had ever seen. I remember we were all totally disgusted with it and were convinced it would never take off!
I'm sure there's loads more, but I've made myself ill thinking of the various fashion disasters. I can't believe I used to walk about like that! :eek:
(and I was actually a teenager during the 80's, so I should have known better! :LOL: )
I was cleaning out my closet at my dad's house the other day and found my sticker book with all my garbage pail kids! Oh did it ever bring me back! What about geanie pants and bubble gum jeans and spiral perms!!!! Oh and acid wash jeans!! What a tacky decade! Oh Oh and deck shoes! Anybody remember the mini pops? I was so obsessed with them. We also had an obsession with Danelle Hector sweaters, Varnett shirts, Chip n' Pepper shirts and silk shirts. Okay I have to stop now...


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POPPLE! Oh my goodness! I still have mine lol I found it a few months ago! I still have my rainbow bright doll too :)

A little diddy about Jack and Diane....

I was totally in love with Jordan from NKOTB. I have a channel called Much Retro and it plays all 80's and early 90's music videos and the other day Tiffany was on.. oh my ddi it bring back memories. I was only born in 86 but I still remember all this stuff :)

Everyone at work calls me Cyndi Lauper because of mY hair and my earrings. I always have different earrings in and theyre usually Big ones I have Big pink starts and lightning bolts. Its crazy
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I remember so well the Joradache jeans, in every color!! Also Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and the famous Levi's with the white patch on one of the back pockets. Double drying the jeans and then laying on the bed and using a coat hanger to get them zipped up, they had to be TIGHT!! Nike shoes with the nike logo swoosh on the side in blue or red!

You were either a jock or a grit. Of course there were nerds too. In the early 80's cinnamon toothpicks were all the rage in my area. Buy a box of toothpicks and soak them in cinnamon oil overnight and sell them at school the next day...

Rock concerts were a must, Ozzy Osbourne, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat, Triumph, Ratt, Cinderella, Scorpians....those were the days! And parents complaining about the $14.95 ticket price.

Didn't go anywhere without your boom box and your cassette collection.

Cigarette's were .95 a pack. Boonesfarm Apple Wine. Flavored Schnapps.....(teenage parties)!!!!

All the cool cute guys had 60's & 70's muscle cars, Chevelles, Camaro's Nova's & GTO's......(hubby still has his 1970 Chevelle SS that he was in the first time I saw him when he was 15).

Oh the memories......


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Ok, that is too funny. I remember pretty much everything on there!! The pegged jeans, the leg warmers, the "Thriller" 45, those were the days... :)

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I think I had jsut about everything on this list! I always had really long hair and always had to wear it in a ponytail on the side with a bright neon hair tie. And the rolled up jeans, you were just not cool if you wore your jeans without rolling them! Dark jeans were a BIG NO NO, had to be faded! I loved atari and I still remember when my brother got is first Nintendo, I always hated it. I also remember when we got our first PC. I was in the 5th grade and we were the first to get one. It was a Tandy 1000, it was slow as can be. I still remember sitting there waiting to load a game or something with the computer screen reading "please stand by". I was born in 1977, so I was a kid in the 80s. I loved "Thriller" and "Bad". Would you have ever thaught back than that Michael Jackson would have turned out the way his is now?


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Does anyone remember their LA gym shoes? with the three or four different color shoe strings and they had to be the high tops. And the Umbro shorts??

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Yeah..I remember those! I forgot to mention Miami Vice. All the lads in my class used to think they were Crockett and Tubbs and used to walk around with the sleeves on their jackets rolled up!
I love the film "The Wedding Singer" just sums up all the bits of the '80's that I remember :)
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