You know that it's cold when....

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The owner of the company that I work for is in his late 60's. He doesn't do to well in extreme temps like the weather we're currently experiencing in New Hampshire. It's 8°F right now, but with the windchill it feels like -25°.

Well, he has a pair of tickets to go see the New England Patriots playoff game tomorrow night, but due to the weather he's not going. He's asked almost everyone in the company (including myself) if they'd be interested in HAVING (not buying, just given to them for free) them for themselves. So far, everyone has turned them down with the same response... no, because of the weather.

Any other time I would've jumped at the chance, but they're forecasting that the temp is going to be -5 when the game begins. :eek: There's no way I'm going to sit through that!! So far, everyone else feels the same way.

I guess you know it's to cold when you can't even get rid of NFL playoff tickets!!

- Mandy


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Wow! I would not go either. My best friend is going to the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Green Bay Packers came Sunday night. I told her don't know how she is gonna do it. She is telling me all the layers of clothes she is wearing, etc. I know there is no way I would sit out there. No thanks. I rather sit out in the heat instead.:p

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Man oh man would I jump at that opportunity!! Layer up and go girl!!! I think that will be one of the best games this weekend, Titans are going to keep it close for sure!!

But in the end, all I can say is Go Colts!! Your almost there guys, Don't let me down.....AGAIN!!!!


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It's like that here too- 8F with wind chill -20. Damn cold. Heat wave tomorrow though- 9F woohoo! i went to the Bills /Dallas game last year in December when we kicked Dallas' butt it was about 15F and snowed like crazy they had to plow the field. It was the best game i ever went too! Sold out too! I put long johns, 3 pairs of socks (actually bought a size bigger in boots to fit them for that game!), two turtlenecks, fleece jacket, snowmobile pants, hand warmers and ski gloves, scarf, ski jacket, hat and then jacket hood. I was pretty good not real cold. now that we have our own house and a fireplace i'll be on the couch!LOL

Jenny & Oskar

oh you know's it's cold when the inside of your nose sticks together!!! eewww


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8°F right now, but with the windchill it feels like -25°.

I will stop complaining right now about our 30° weather and snow. We had an unbelievable amount of 3 inches. All the schools and businesses were closed. Let George out to potty, when don left this morn (at 3 am) Grace was ready to play............George wouldnt even potty he ran straight back to bed
I saw some news footage of the New England fans at football games...all suited up in snowmobile suits and cold weather gear, and had carved themselves new seats in the snow in the stadium on top if the stadium seats!!:D
You gotta be dedicated to want to do that!
It wouldn't be me, that's for sure.


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You guys have it easy! I woke up this morning at 6am to go to work and it was -25, felt like -37 with the wind chill...

Thank god for heated seats and electric blankets (for after work!)



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Boy..last night it went down to -29, with a wind chill of -40!!! Today is -26 and they say with the wind chill it's -34!! Xena usually pees at the back of the yard. Not yesterday or today! She will come off the back porch and pee at the bottom of the stairs. The pee freezes almost immediately!:eek:
I would not take the tickets either...nope! I prefer to wait for the summer Baseball games and enjoy a cold beer in the stands on a HOT day!;)



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My hubby and son want to go to the Patriot's game - but I won't let them...a radio station here is giving tix away, they can keep 8:30pm, tomorrow night's game time - it's supposed to be about -5 with a wind chill of -15 (balmy perhaps to some of our northern friends ;) ) Today my heart went out to anyone who had to take a bus...I felt guilty about complaining how long the car took to heat up smashicon when I see these freezing souls standing in the frigid temps...



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Not me either. I like watching my football from in front of a fireplace. The other day here it was -33 with -50 windchill in the morning. I have never seen two boxer dogs pee so fast. Then it was back in and under the cover.:rolleyes:

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