Would you?

Would you accept a licence plate for your vehicle that had 666 on it?

  • No!

    Votes: 45 51.1%
  • Yes, it wouldnt bother me.

    Votes: 43 48.9%

  • Total voters
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Boxer Pal
I'm with Amy Lyn. I'd take it and know that I would at least be able to remember 3 of the numbers from my plate. I can't remember what I have now :confused:


Completely Boxer Crazy
Hubby would not even let the plate touch the car! ;) which is odd because he does not believe in horoscopes or superstitions. He would walk under a ladder trip over a black cat walking in front of him and fall into a mirror and break it- NO problem. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


Boxer Insane
I don't even know what the # on my license plate is. It wouldn't phase me if it had 666 on it, because I never really look at it. I think that is more of a superstition than anything else.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Anything with "those three numbers" gives me the creeps. I would not take it, or anything else with them on it.


Boxer Insane
No it wouldnt bother me........

No it wouldnt bother me.......smashicon smashicon but years ago....when I worked as a receptionist at a Routes Garage.....a car pulled into the forecourt........registration number.....

BRA 44.............. and when the young girl got out of the car.......well she was very busty .... :D :D :D :D

Eric J

Boxer Insane
Someone mentioned having Blue 666 on theres, how cool. I am a die hard NJ Devils fan ( to bad they just got kicked from the playoffs :( ) and would love a NJ 666 plate.

I dont understand such superstitions myself, but I respect the fact others have em. I also still scratch my head when a tall building is "missing" the 13th floor.


Completely Boxer Crazy
I voted No that it wouldn't bother me.

My mother on the other hand would prpbably not acept it. A few years back when she went to register her car they gave her the license plate that read:
SXE 123

My mother was horrified and she refused to drive a car with the license plate that says "sexy". She had to go back later in the month when they ran out of the SXE plates.

I wish that was me - I would have accepted the plate no problem!!


Completely Boxer Crazy
I wanted QUEENIE on my license plate but hubs said NO WAY would he drive around in Los Angeles in a Benz with that license plate! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:


Super Boxer
I would have to turn it in and get a new one...that's just kinda creeps me out..

I am a receptionist at a HUGE computer company and a while back we had to register peoples cars and they all had to be assigned a "car permit" to hang from their front mirror. One of them had the digits 666 in a row and we had that permit returned 5 times! :eek: guess i am not the only one superstitious.
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