Would you?

Would you accept a licence plate for your vehicle that had 666 on it?

  • No!

    Votes: 45 51.1%
  • Yes, it wouldnt bother me.

    Votes: 43 48.9%

  • Total voters
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Would you????????

At work I happened to notice that one of the bosses licence plate read XXX-666. Would you accept a licence plate for your car if it said 666, the mark of the devil? (I told co-workers it wasnt right, it should read 665 & 1/2!)


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Been there, done that........ My brother's first license plate had 666 on it and it didn't bother him. When he gave me the car, I had those plates for about 2 weeks before I got it registered to me and got new plates. :D It didn't bother me either.

I'm a Christian and it wouldn't bother me in the least. If that's what the DMV people gave me, that must be what God wants me to have. For people to believe in the devil, they must also believe in God.


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I probably wouldn't accept 666 on my license plate simply because I wouldn't want to deal with the hassle of having people question me about it.


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I couldn't drive a car with 666 on the licence plate. Call me superstitious if you like, but it would make me uncomfortable to the point of not wanting to get in the car, let alone drive it!


Amy Lyn

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I don't think it would bother me - as a matter of fact, it would probably help me so I could finally remember my darn license plate. At least the numbers would be easy!

My mother purposely got a license plate with 666 on it. It reads "BLUE666". She's a HUGE Duke Blue Devil's fan and so that's why she got it!


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Somebody's got to take the plate!? wouldn't bother me its just a number. If it was 666 666 I'd think about it!


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Sometimes at work when I would hit the total button on the register if it read $6.66 I would hate to tell the customer so I'd try to change it to $6.65 I don't know some people are superstitious.
I would never want my license plate to read 666 I'd have it changed.:eek:


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I answered no to the poll but...

I was thinking in terms of just 666 and nothing else. If it was 666 and several other numbers i wouldn't have even noticed it.



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I wouldn't take a license plate with that number but I would walk away calmly. My hubby of course would freak out and run out of the building like the devil himself had poked him in the rearsmashicon
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