Worried about the baby coming...

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THANK YOU for posting this!! You started out nervous and worried and decided to make it work for your family--skin and fur babies!!! This is exactly what other soon-to-be-mom's need to digest as we all worry! HUGS to your new baby and a big smooch for Cooper who is being the bestest big brudder around. ;)


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Yeah! Congrats on your new addition to the family. I'm glad all has worked out for you. Sounds like your Cooper and Declan are beginning a beautiful relationship that will last through the years.


Completely Boxer Crazy
Congrats on the new arrival!! I'm so glad things worked out!!

I babysit my cousin's 8 month old baby every Monday, and after we got Zeus I was really nervous about it. Zeus is so good w/ him, he always wants up on my lap while I'm rocking Jaycob. Its so cute, they go to sleep just staring at each other.


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Congratulations on your new baby! We are currently planning on having a baby in the next year, and this was one of my main concerns! Thanks for the updates!
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