Worried about puppys weight.

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I have a sixteen week old bitch who weighs about 10.5lbs. One vet says she if fine and will be a big dog. Another vet from the same practice said she looks a bit on the thin side. Bella also has dihorrea at the moment, which she has had for about two weeks and we are awaiting results of the test from the vets. Is this a normal weight for a dog this old. Her mum and dad are both big dogs. The breeder said her mum went through the same stage where she went tall and skinny and then filled out. Is this normal? I can slightly see some of her ribs. She was quite fat as a eight week old pup when we got her. Any advice would be extremely greatful.


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When we got Ozzy at 8 wks old he was a fat little puppy too, now he's tall and thin, I wouldnt say skinny but thin, he eats a lot but burns it all off. I think boxers do look very skinny and thats normal. they tend to fill out about two yrs old I think. I would wait and see what the vet says, maybe she needs to have her food changed.

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My 3 1/2 mo old girl is around 15 lbs. And she's thin....definitely not skinny but thin and healthy! Hope that helps a little bit

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Thank you for your replies. I should have said thin rather than skinny.
Bella has really long legs and is about 17 inches tall and 27 inches long from head to tail. Does this sound ok for her age?


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It is much better if your puppy is on the thin side, than if she is overweight. Boxer often goes through stages where they look really skinny. Don't worry, they will eventually fill out and will look fine.


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I was a little worried about my Daisy for awhile. She is just so picky about her food. My breeder recommended Innova and she just wouldn't eat it. So, I got her the Puppy version of Kibbles and Bits and she LOVES it. But since we had Innova left over (and that stuff isn't cheap) my husband mixed it in with the Kibs and Bits and now Daisy is back to being picky about her food. Also, while I had her on Innova - she had regular bouts of diarheaa (spelling?), I don't know if it's all the vitamins in the Innova or what, but I honestly cannot feed it to her. We went back to straight puppy formula Kibbles and Bits day before yesterday and the diarrhea stopped and she's eating great.

She got so picky for awhile with such loose stools, I was really concerned about her weight. But now she's almost 14 weeks and she weighed 19 lbs at the vet yesterday.

I think dogs are just like humans. We have certain tastes we like and don't like and there are certain foods that just don't agree with us. You just have to experiment with something different (yet healthy) that they like and doesn't upset their tummies.

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That sure sounds small to me, but every boxer is different. Chewy was nearly 11 pounds at 8 weeks old, and Emma was 11.2 pounds at 7 weeks old. By the time Emma was 3 1/2 months old, she weighed about 20+ pounds.

Chewy started getting skinny a couple weeks after we brought him home. We could see every rib and every bone in his spine. We had him tested, and he had a worm. The vet got rid of it with one dose of medicine, and he's been fine ever since. He's now 18 months old and 63 pounds - all muscle, not an ounce of fat since he's still a fussy eater.

Good luck.


Molly is 13 weeks old and weighs 17 lbs as of Thursday. Hope that helps.


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My Sasha is almost 8 months old she stands 21 inches tall at
her shoulders and wheighs about 45lbs. Im hoping she gets bigger but I have been told she wont. Any advice?

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